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Working with Sticktak was an absolute pleasure. The products quality is excellent, Lior Pinco, Design director @Wix

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Why is sticktak better than print?


Not only do we make each and everyone ourselves, use the most ecofriendly material & process out there, sticktaks REDUCE  WASTE by 95% - so instead of producing 50 tshirts, produce 5% the waste by producing 50 sticktaks

Fun & Engaging 

Would you really want to give or receive another t-shirt to later use as PJs?

Or would you rather give & receive an experience?  we take custom print far & beyond and turn it into a fun, engaging & personalised experience that people LOVE:)

The same party theme or event slogan styled in a totally personalised manner by each guest! The visual effect is astounding...

Put Anywhere

When you give them an option to use it on a bag, a t-shirt, a coat or a jacket, that is how they make it their own! There's nothing more satisfying or more effective, than having people really own your print


The more you buy, the more you save! When you buy the products themselves it will ALWAYS be much more expensive. Also we don't care if you print one or a hundred colors! Its the same price!

Premium Quality

You really need to experience this in order to fully understand:)
We use actual real fashion fabrics, special proprietary adhesive as well as our own proprietary coating process.
Each sticktak is printed by the BEST digital print technology for textile and is cut one by one with a lazer machine to obtain ultimate results.

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