Removable Fabric Stickers

Welcome to 2019 - Branding has just stepped up its game

Whatever the event, whichever the goal, Sticktak premium Custom Stickers will take your art places it has never been before

Sticktak Alternative to Print



Seamless integration with all fabric surfaces


Peel & Stick experience

Sticktaks are your Alternative to Print solution 

Need a personalized designed name tag for an exclusive event?

Want your brand to showcase on backpacks, laptop cases etc? 


Want your design to extend beyond the virtual without going through the hassle of merchandise production?


We are Sticktak, and we've been told we deliver Swag As A Service 😎

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Printable Name tags that don't suck

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Lior Pimco,

Studio operations manager

working with Sticktak was an absolute pleasure. The products quality is excellent and all our employees loved their cool stickers


CEO E-vrit

Great experience working with you! I was looking for a unique way to have all the CEOs that were invited to the gala wear name tags without it turning into a "too formal" occasion...people loved them. I have been giving out sticktak contact info to numerous companies since... And of course, the service was extraordinary - quick, accurate and personal. Thank you for your great product :-)

Dan Moukatel,

Trend & Fashion Designer

Where have you been all this time? Next step - Design my Milan collection with sticktaks!


Jansport Brand manager

We've been doing numerous projects with sticktak, love the product, love the service


VP Customer Satisfaction

Great product,
great experience,
thank you

ido zaifman,

community Manger 

The nametags and awesome Figma design were a HIT at the meetup! thank you for a wonderful product and of course for the personal service!

Still, have questions?

keep calm and enjoy FAQ

What is Sticktak?

Sticktaks are unique Removable Fabric Stickers that seamlessly integrate with ANY fabric surface and add instant embellishment to any outfit, accessory, furniture or event decor. With a variety of laser-cut designs sticktaks are an instant style upgrade, and are specially formulated to leave even the most fussy of fabrics completely residue-free.

Can I personalize a Sticktak?

Why of course! Look at our nametags category - you send us your design and a list of names and we make them... one by one...

Who is behind Sticktak?

Sticktak is the brainchild of two entrepreneurs, Roni and Tamar. Inspired by Roni’s young son’s morning ritual of demanding a very specific shirt for the day (not the train, the lion; not the lion, the truck...) the two friends were inspired to create a way to instantly add a personal touch to any outfit. Sticktaks offer a creative, commitment-free means to transform any fabric surface, including T-shirts, into a multitude of different looks.

What can you use sticktak to print on?

ANY fabric surface - Apparel, pillows, curtains, laptop cases etc...

How do you "print" with sticktak on any fabric surface?

Just Peel like you would any other sticker, Stick & GO

Is it reusable?

At least twice or three times on fabric surfaces (really depends on the surface) and later you can stick on any static surface (phone, closet, fridge...) and it will stay there for as long as you like

Is it washable?

Although it sometimes holds in a wash, we advise to remove before wash as this product was not designed to withstand wash

Is it removable?

Yes, without leaving a mark, from ANY fabric surface!

How is it ecofriendly?

In so many ways: 1) We produce everything ourselves, in our studio - so no sweatshop/child labor issues 2) We use environmentally friendly water-based inks as well as such based proprietary adhesive 3) It's reusable 4) But best of all - it's usually used instead of printing tshirts, hats etc.. so by actually producing just sticktaks and using people's own clothes, we can still brand parties and events reducing 98% waste (another tshirt used later only as PJs) 5) Quality is so good and product is so compelling that most people never want to throw it away and therefore reuse and reuse...

What about Shipping

We ship worldwide with DHL - 1 day to Europe, 2 to the USA and 3 to the rest of the world.

What about lead times

We take 10 business days to product any order. We can also do expedite orders in 3-4 business days for 25% additional cost. Shipping will take another 1-3 business days dpending on location (see q. about shipping)

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