Sticktak Your Style

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What are Sticktaks?

The First and Only - Removable FABRIC Sticker Tattoos!


All Sticktaks are Made of 100% Fabric, designated carefully to integrate perfectly with fabric surfaces, cut delicately with laser machines to obtain the ultimate result 


Whether you wear them on your t-shirt, your denim Jacket, your sneakers or your stylish backpack, Sticktaks are economically friendly, enabling you to change your look with just one Sticktak!

#Sticktak Nuggets 

Welcome to Sticktak Nuggets - Our interpretation of Sticktak’s most beautiful designs accompanied with the greatest hashtags to match!


A Nugget is a full-blown sticktak story, a greeting, a meme, a moment - with a beautiful design to match


We launch new nuggests daily to ensure we don't miss out on anything you have to say


Wear it on denim, on a backpack or embellish a pillow... take it off when the wind changes


It’s as easy as 1 2 3 

Want to Create your Own Nugget?

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