Who is behind Sticktak?

Sticktak is the brainchild of two entrepreneurs, Roni and Tamar. Inspired by Roni's young son’s morning ritual of demanding a very specific shirt for the day (not the train, the lion; not the lion, the truck...) the two friends were inspired to create a way to instantly add a personal touch to any outfit. Sticktak offer a creative, commitment-free means to transform any fabric surface, including T-shirts, into a multitude of different looks.

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We are currently building our site so there are probably a few glitchs & bumps here and there, sorry for the bumpy ride. If you encounter a big bump we would love to get your feedback on it.

If you have any questions, please email me directly at roni@sticktak.io.

You can also read more about us on our FAQ.


Roni Eiger,

Chief of fun @ sticktak.io

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