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95% less waste, 100% more fun

Next time you feel the need to produce 100 custom t-shirts for your special event, think about all these t-shirts no one will ever wear (except as PJs)

Instead, try an innovative, fun and stylish approach - sticktak.

Print your logo/statement or design as a sticktak, our special fabric sticker made to specially integrate with ALL fabric surfaces. People will have fun, stick them on their evening wear, their jeans, their jackets or bags, and will later reuse on their laptop of phone. You'll save 95% waste (or more) and people will actually wear it around longer...

Much more engaging, much more fun, much better experience and SOOOOOO much better for our planet:)

Look at the heart at MIS - They each style it up a bit differently - personalising the experience, looking great! MIS 2019 - photo: Jesús Antón

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