• ronieiger

Cool Add-On

We don't always know in advance what specific purpose a company orders sticktaks for. Lots of times we do, but we have so many start up companies as well as huge well established giants that order their logo as sticktaks - we don't always know where they will turn up. This was the case with, a rising startup that made an order of 150 logo sticktaks - ASAP.

When we saw their photos, we learned:

1) What a cool idea it is to use your company logo to add on to a common purpose t-shirt - like in this case, a race whose many attendees all run for ALS disease awareness, and the crowd just added their logo onto it. They didn't want a different t-shirt - they just wanted the added logo, for their own pride and branding:)

2) As always - people never throw them away - they ALWAYS reuse them on their bags, phones and laptops - but sometimes on cupboards, mirrors, walls - and in this case - shoes:) thx for sharing!

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