#Your statement

Our Sticktak Hashtags are the best way we know for actually WEARING your statement

Wear your statement outside the virtual worlds. Whether on your t-shirt, your backpack, your Denim Jacket or your Office’s Furniture - You can Sticktak your Statement TODAY!

All Sticktaks are Made of 100% Fabric, designated carefully to integrate perfectly with fabric surfaces, cut delicately with laser machines to obtain the ultimate result - sticktaks are economically friendly, enabling you to change your look with just one Sticktak!​

Part of what excites us most is supporting causes, organizations, and influencers standing up against racism, sexism, classism, and all bigotry. We have been doing that since the very first version of Sticktak! So if you are an activist, let us know and we will donate extra sticktaks with each order.


Your Statement

Wear it on denim, on a backpack or embellish a pillow... 

Have some fun while speaking your piece 

Support your cause

Get a custom Sticktak

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